Bespoke Development

Looking to build something out of the ordinary? At KoderLab we have the expertise to develop bespoke front-end and back-end solutions.

We develop all bespoke websites using CakePHP, an MVC framework for creating secure, fast and robust web applications.

Responsive Design

Your website no longer lives soley on the desktop. Websites are continually being consumed on mobile devices, so optimising your site is now a necessity.

We have the experience to develop your site from the ground-up so that it's fully optimised for phones and tablets.

WordPress Websites

Sometimes you need something simple that just works. WordPress is our CMS of choice for all website that don't need the complexity of a bespoke solution.

We've used WordPress to build websites for a whole range of clients from an architecture company to a beauty salon.

API Integration

Need to integrate with social networks? We have extensive experience working with various API's and the oAuth Protocol.

We've worked with all the major API's including; Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, Instagram, Vimeo and Flickr.

Design Agencies

At KoderLab we're a bunch of geeks that don't do design. Instead we work with design agencies to develop beautiful, award winning websites. If you're an agency and need a programmer or some technical advice then please get in touch.


At KoderLab we're always looking to develop innovative web apps. If you have a brilliant idea which we share the same emphusiasm for then we'll look at investing and developing the idea.